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Welcome to our first official Sscustom blog post!

From here on out this will be the place for you stay up to date with all things Sscustom. Information on new products and releases, future plans and all sorts of other exciting things can be found here.
With the coming of a new financial year, Sscustom has made a few changes to redefine its vision and plans for the future. The first thing on the cards for us is a bit of a website revamp. You’ll probably notice a few changes coming soon, the most notably being the addition of our mission statement. Sscustom has always been a company for the people concerned more about quality products and giving back. We’ve written up a mission statement to put this message out there loud and proud. It’s there to tell you guys what we are all about and if reading it isn’t enough then you can follow along here to see us deliver exactly what we promise. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk.
Aside from the website revamp, you can look forward to a year of innovation. We have some exciting things in the works in terms of product refinement and improvement. We are planning a new generation of pipe vice and some other product lines to compliment our current range that we are very excited to release. We can’t share too many details just yet but rest assured Sscustom is always expanding to do bigger and better things. 
Another thing to keep your eye out for will be the Sscustom shop car build. This won’t be any ordinary build. This is no “bolt on's and rims” type build. We are talking a full ground up, custom chassis, big turbo all the bells and whistles type build. You may have seen some pictures of Stacy’s last iteration floating around, well think that but better. There have been a few little teasers across our social media and this year we will be getting a bit more in depth with our documentation, you can look forward to more involved videos and blog posts. We would love for you to join us on our journey of doing some seriously cool stuff. If there is anything you’d like to see on the truck or you’ve got any suggestions drop us an email and let us know! Let's make this a build of bucket list proportions for all involved.
Off the back of that let this blog post also be our first official thank you note to you guys, our customers. The support we have received since the humble backyard workshop beginning has been unreal. Without all your direct and indirect support through purchases, building of our social media presence, all of the awesome reviews and great things you’ve said we wouldn’t be where we are. For that we are sincerely appreciative. Being passionate fabricators (and car guys, but we’ll get to that in another post) we are always keen to hear about what you guys are doing. The community that we hope to build around our brand is more than just Instagram followers and advertisements, we want to be part of what you guys are doing and we want you to be able to come along with us on this journey. Keep us posted with any pics and email us with any stories that you might have we would love to hear ‘em.
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