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SS Custom Fabrication Service and Product Policy


To define the terms and conditions under which SS Custom operates regarding service delivery, product quality, rectification, and refunds.

Quality Assurance:

- All custom fabrication projects are subject to rigorous quality checks to ensure adherence to the high standards of SS Custom.

- Customers will be involved at critical milestones for approvals before proceeding to subsequent stages of custom work.

Project Delays:

- Any anticipated delays will be communicated promptly to the customer with an explanation and a revised timeline.

- SS Custom is not liable for delays caused by factors outside of our direct control (e.g., supplier delays, equipment failures, etc.), but will make all reasonable efforts to minimise the impact on the customer.

Rectification Process:

- Should any issues arise with the custom work, SS Custom commits to a rectification process that includes customer feedback and timely resolution.

- Rectification will be prioritised according to the original project schedule and will not incur additional charges for labour or basic materials if the fault is determined to be on SS Custom's side.

Refund Policy:

- Refunds are considered on a case-by-case basis, primarily if SS Custom is unable to fulfil the service or product to the agreed-upon specifications.

- Full refunds are issued only in circumstances where the product or service is found to be fundamentally flawed and beyond rectification as determined by an objective assessment from SS Custom.

- Partial refunds may be negotiated to account for the work already completed and the materials used, minus a restocking fee if applicable.

- Full refunds require the return of all goods and products provided by SS Custom in the same condition as received.

Customer Sign-off:

- Customers are required to sign off on the work at specified milestones. Once work has been approved and signed off by the customer, any subsequent changes requested may incur additional charges.


- All official communications regarding project changes, delays, or rectification will be provided in writing, ensuring both SS Custom and the customer have a clear record.

Limitation of Liability:

- SS Custom's liability for faults in custom work is limited to the rectification of such faults and does not extend to incidental or consequential damages (e.g., towing costs, personal time lost, etc.).

Review Period:

- Customers have a defined period after completion of the work to review and report any issues. After this period, SS Custom assumes the work meets the customer's satisfaction, barring any latent defects.

Final Remarks:

- SS Custom reserves the right to modify these terms and policies with prior notice to the customer.

- By contracting SS Custom for services, the customer agrees to these terms.

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