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PIPE VICES - Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Pipe Vices made?

Our SsCustom Pipe Vices are hand made here in Australia to a high standard. They are built from 5mm 304 stainless steel so ensure the strength that is needed is there.

What's the difference between the Pipe Vice and the Pipe Vice Mini?

The Pipe Vice is designed to hold pipes with diameters ranging from 1/2 inch to 6 inches, offering a wider range of pipe sizes. In contrast, the Pipe Vice Mini is a more compact version and is suitable for holding smaller pipes and tubes.

Can you explain the Pipe Vice Kit and its benefits?

The Pipe Vice Kit is a comprehensive package that includes a Pipe Vice, Tacking Band Kit, and C-Grips. By purchasing this kit, you get a versatile set of tools that cover various aspects of pipe-related projects, ensuring you have everything you need for efficient fabrication and welding.

Tell me more about the SsCustom Stainless Pipe Stand Vice.

The SsCustom Stainless Pipe Stand Vice is designed to make pipework portable and prevent scratches and dents during fabrication. It offers 90-degree clamp rotation and 360-degree pipe manoeuvrability, providing better welding precision. It's adjustable in height and can securely hold pipes ranging from 1.5 inches to 8 inches in diameter.

What is the purpose of Pipe Bench Supports?

Pipe Bench Supports are designed to aid when working with long lengths of tubing. They can be attached to the edge of a bench and are suitable for bench tops up to 10mm thick. These supports are fully adjustable, offering flexibility in positioning to provide additional support for your pipe while working with the Pipe Vice.

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