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PURGE BUNGS - Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use Purge Bungs to achieve the best results?

To use Purge Bungs effectively, sit them on the end of the Tri Clover/Ferrule and fasten the M4 grub screw to hold them in place. Ensure a tight seal for optimal purging. It's also recommended to weld at least 25mm away from the bung to prevent damage.

How do Purge Bungs work, and what makes SsCustom Purge Bungs unique?

Purge Bungs are designed for precise purge welding. SsCustom Purge Bungs are unique due to their billet stainless inserts with built-in diffusers and quick-connect hose fittings. They are compatible with both 6mm and 12mm argon hoses and are made from high-temperature silicone to handle heat without damaging the interior of the tube.


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