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Tacking Band Over Size Kit

SsCustom Engineering

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Introducing our versatile Tacking Band, the must-have tool for pipe spooling and fabrication. Crafted to simplify your welding tasks, this band securely clamps your pipe work in place, allowing you to effortlessly apply tack welds. Made from durable 304 stainless steel, Tacking Bands are engineered to provide that extra helping hand you've always longed for in your projects.

With Tacking Bands, you can seamlessly join pipes and bends with straights, requiring a minimum of 20mm of straight on each side for a secure grip. The cleverly designed V cutout ensures a solid connection between zero-radius bends and straights. Work with precision and stay steps ahead, achieving geometry perfection on your very first attempt.

For optimal results, we recommend having two of each size in your toolkit. Tacking Bands elevate your work quality, making them an indispensable addition to your fabrication arsenal.

See Comparison link below if you're unsure on which style band you need. 

What's Included

1 x 8'', 10'' & 12''

Tacking Band MM to Inch Conversion Chart

Tacking & Slim Band Conversion Chart

Tube Diameter (MM)

Tub Diameter (INCH)

38.1mm 1.5''
41.27mm 1-5/8''
44.45mm 1.75''
47.6mm 1-7/8''
50.8mm 2''
53.97mm 2-1/8''
57.15mm 2.25''
63.5mm 2.5''
76.2mm 3''
88.9mm 3.5''
101mm 4''
127mm 5''
152.4mm 6''
204mm 8''
254mm 10''
304mm 12''


When choosing between our Tacking Band and Slim Band, it's essential to consider your project's specific needs. The Tacking Band shines in scenarios where you have pipes and bends with straights, offering a secure grip and the ability to join them seamlessly. It's your go-to tool for larger projects and ensuring precise geometry from the get-go.

On the other hand, the Slim Band steps in when you're dealing with bends that lack straights, providing a nimble solution for tight spaces and intricate piping. While Tacking Bands offer a larger grip capacity, accommodating up to six bends at once, Slim Bands are recommended for holding one bend securely.

For the best results, we suggest starting with a Tacking Band as your top priority, as it suits a wide range of applications. Then, complement it with a Slim Band when working on smaller, trickier projects. Together, they form a dynamic duo that caters to all your fabrication needs, ensuring your work maintains the highest quality standards.

TACKING BANDS - Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Tacking Bands Made?

Our SsCustom Tacking Bands are made from precision laser cutting out of 304 Stainless Tube. They come in a range of sizes from 1.5’’ through to 6’’.

Can I choose what Tacking Band sizes I want?

Yes, we have the option to build your own sets.

What is the purpose of a Tacking Band, and how does it work?

A Tacking Band is designed to hold pipe work together securely during welding or fabrication. It clamps onto the pipe, allowing for precise alignment and tack welding. Afterward, it can be easily removed or stretched off. It's an essential tool to ensure the accuracy and quality of your pipe-related projects.

What's the difference between a Tacking Band and a Slim Band?

While both Tacking Bands and Slim Bands serve a similar purpose of holding pipes, there are key distinctions. Tacking Bands are ideal for joining pipes and bends with straight sections, requiring 18mm of straight pipe on each side to clamp. Slim Bands are designed for pipes without straight sections, making them perfect for tight and tricky pipe work like headers.

Can I use multiple Tacking Bands or Slim Bands at once?

Yes, Tacking Bands have a strong grip and can clamp multiple bends at once, making them suitable for various projects. In contrast, Slim Bands are recommended for holding a single bend at a time due to their narrower width.

What materials are your Tacking Bands and Slim Bands made from?

Both our Tacking Bands and Slim Bands are crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion.

What is the purpose of C-Grips and how do they complement Tacking Bands?

C-Grips are used to clamp Tacking Bands securely, enhancing their effectiveness in holding pipe work together during welding or fabrication. They are essential accessories for optimising the use of Tacking Bands.

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